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Create Mixed Reality Blockchain Wearables

Easily craft virtual items using mrblockwear’s free Wearbles Designer . Experienced 3D artists can personally upload their completed works to the mrblockwear Marketplace . Brands may submit their 3D collections for individualized cryptographic processing before entering the mrblockwear Marketplace .

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What is mrblockwear?

Mixed Reality

To quote microsoft: “Mixed reality blends real-world and virtual content into hybrid environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact. ” There is a reason why mrblockwear is not arblockwear. It is beyond augmented reality. The virtual items on mrblockwear seek to seamlessly integrate with a person's wardrobe. The watch in this image is a virtual watch in mixed reality. View a video demo here.

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A Blockchain is a distributed immutable (unable to be changed) ledger for recording transactions. Virtual items on the mrblockwear platform act as tokens. Transactions on the blockchain represent token activity. Smart contracts allow selling, buying, trading, and lending virtual items on the blockchain.

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This is the least nebulous concept of the mrblockwear platform. The items on the mrblockwear platform are ultimately meant to be worn. However, trading in collectibles is expected and encouraged.

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mrblockwear wants the mixed reality space to be a fashionable space. Individuals should be able to easily express their creativity in this new paradigm. Brands are given a new avenue to share their bold collections with the world in a safe and secure environment.